Vyaghrapada - Tiger paws
Abundant Grace Yoga with certified yoga teacher Ulla Lundgren

“When Shiva the Great Yogin chooses to become the Lord of the Dance, Nataraja, the universe appears as Consciousness in its most ecstatic forms: as art and play, as knowledge and beauty, as the very embodiment of awareness in the form of the Self.” —From Clothed in Consciousness: Nataraja in the Tantric Tradition by Dr. Douglas Brooks

Yoga immersions and trainings :: details for upcoming events

Please e-mail or call Ulla (928-607-2992) for more information.  

Entrance to Nataraja temple in Chidambaram

Immersions & Trainings

Most upcoming immersions and teachers trainings with Ulla, in Bend Oregon, will be held at Ulla's new studio The Yoga Lab. Ulla will be co-teaching the trainings with her co-owners and colleagues Aleta Adams and Rebecca Bell.

300-Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training

The Yoga Lab in collaboration with Abundant Grace Yoga presents Sanctuary of Learning: A 300-hour continuing education training for RYT-200 to become RYT-500.

The aim of this training is to enrich, expand, and help refine your knowledge and skill as a yoga teacher. Our starting platform is to honor and respect what you already know and, at the same time, encourage you to try different ways of approaching your teaching. Think of it as acquiring more tools in your already fabulous yoga instructor's toolbox. Join us for a supportive exploration. Stretch your boundaries and explore more possibilities in your teaching! The training starts November 20, 2015, and will span 14–16 months, depending on which elective weekends you choose, ending either in January or February of 2017. [More Info]